Our home groups were created for church goers to connect with each other, outside of the Sunday service. You cannot possibly get connected or get to know new people only on Sunday. That is why we encourage everyone to get involved in a small group ministry –of which several are available to choose from. You’ll form deep friendships and learn to do life together with other believers. Email for more information about home groups.
The primary purpose of our men’s groups is to build close, transparent relationships between men as we believe that this is what men in our culture are most lacking (even inside the church). We gather in small groups at various times and locations so that we can accommodate varying schedules. We study, share, pray, and just hang out. Email for more information about groups.
Patterned like the men’s ministry, our women’s ministry is made up of several smaller groups that meet regularly to pray and study together.  Several times a year, all the women come together to do a broader event, such as a retreat. Email for more information about groups.
Every Sunday, a group of committed volunteers meet to lift up the needs of our community, our church, and our leadership.  All are welcome!
Email for more information.
Our youth ministry serves five different age groups:  Infant to four-year-olds, Kindergarten through second grade, third through fifth grade, middle school, and finally high school.  Infant through fifth grade is served during our service on Sunday mornings, but MS and HS sit under the teachings and meet other times. Email for more information.